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Positioning, classic SEO, AdWords – what are the differences?
There are many different ways for a company’s website to be displayed on the first page of the search results (Search Engine Result Page). In the case of keyword-based advertising, (Paid Search, AdWords), the search engine is paid for displaying the company’s advertisement. However, to achieve a position in the basic search results (Organic Search), the factors, based on which the search engine ranks websites, must be influenced with the help of search engine optimization (SEO), in order to guarantee the maximum conformity of the website to the corresponding keywords.

Google AdWords
The Google AdWords advertisements appear above or to the right of the basic results. Keywords are determined for each ad, which correspond to the specifics of your business. In the case of AdWords, you pay Google for your ad and you do not have to make any changes to your website.

AdWords is a flexible international system and allow the ads to be directed at the right target groups, for instance, based on geographical criteria. In addition to Google searches, it is also possible to display the ads on the network of Google’s partner sites. You have definitely seen the text-based ads - "Ads by Google" – on many websites and if you use Gmail services, the ads are also displayed there.

A drawback of Google AdWords is that the users often ignore the paid ads and prefer the search-based results. According to researches, organic results receive 2X more clicks than paid results. For advertising directed at European markets, another drawback is the high cost, because AdWords is auction-based, i.e. the ads of those who pay more are shown in better locations. In some European countries, this competition between the advertisers has increased prices to the point that using search engine optimization (SEO) to access to these markets is many-times cheaper and a more sensible solution than Google AdWords.

Classic SEO
Classic search engine optimization (SEO) is offered by the majority of Internet marketing agencies. The method is comprised of changing the internal structure of the website to be as search-engine-friendly as possible. The classic SEO method requires the website to be reorganised to a greater or lesser degree, including adding texts filled with the keywords to the website.

Classic SEO is executed with the help of specific SEO guides, the most famous of which is Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. The advantage of classic SEO is that the method does not require monthly payments, although some Internet marketers provide this service on a monthly basis (often with a fixed-term contract).
The main drawback of classic SEO is that the method does not guarantee positions. The method enables one to be included among the TOP 10 only if there is little competition related to the keywords. Classic SEO may often turn out to be impossible due to the technical particulars of the website, and it almost always requires the active co-operation of the client.

It is beneficial to order the classic SEO service when one is creating a website, as the website can be designed from the start to conform to the requirements of search engines.

Positioning – new-generation SEO solution
Positioning is a technology based on Pelikan Technology’s unique know-how, which allows effective results to be achieved in search engines with designated search words while making minimum changes to your website. In positioning, the main emphasis is not on optimising the website internally, but on increasing the external authority of the website based on a unique link-building method, which the experts of Pelikan Technology have developed after many years of work.

The advantages of positioning:
• effective: guarantees TOP 10 positions within 2-4 weeks
• the website does not have to be redone
• works with those websites for which other methods are technically difficult or impossible to use
• a favourable monthly fee allows one to experiment with Internet marketing, and if necessary, change one’s strategy
• no long-term contract – only 30 days notice to cancel

Positioning is a new-generation SEO service that became possible thanks to the existence of a SEO lab in our company that researches search engine algorithms.

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