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Stages of the service
1. The ten keywords (key phrases) that you wish to promote in Google searches are determined.
Use the Google Keyword Tool to determine the most effective keywords in your field of activity: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
Please choose commercial keywords, for example, “cleaning services” are more effective than “cleaning”. Thereafter, send us your order using our order form or e-mail.
If you wish, an Pelikan Technology specialist can help you determine the necessary keywords.

2. We will provide your website webmaster with simple instructions on what to change in your website to prepare it for positioning. Usually, all that is needed is that the keyword or key phrase be mentioned in the text of the website and its TITLE.
An Pelican Technology specialist can also help you make these technical changes on the website.

3. Using the appropriate positioning method, our specialists will start to promote your website on Google.

4. Within 2-4 weeks, your website will be among the TOP 10. We will send you the first invoice when at least 50% of the keywords being promoted are among the TOP 10.

5. The main goal of positioning is the marketing of your products or services. Ask your new clients how they found you – this will allow you to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of our services and if necessary change the keywords or your Internet marketing strategy.

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