вторник, 23 юли 2013 г.


SEO Mistake 
Mistake No. 1: Buying links.
Mistake No. 2: Publishing irrelevant content.
Mistake No. 3: Spam comments.
Mistake No. 4: Overloading on anchor text links.

In order to build the best ranking, the keyword ratio needs to appear normal. That means, if you have 10,000 keyword links for one phrase that you want to rank for and none for other ones on your site, it can look strange in Google's eyes. You should have many keyword links for a variety of keywords. If you want to rank for "I want to buy a puppy", you should build keyword anchor text links like:

I want to buy a puppy
Owning a puppy
What shots for puppies
Tips to purchase a puppy
Popular dogs
Cute breeds of dogs
Dog that are good with kids
Potty training new puppies
How much do pups cost
Smartest puppies to buy

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